Chris Hansen, Product Advisor

Hi! I’m Chris Hansen. I am a technical product advisor. I specialize in developer-led products, those where it’s crucial to win the love of developers and build a community of fans for your product.

I bring my extensive experience to help startups grow into thriving technology companies. In my eight years at New Relic, I worked in product and engineering leadership roles, helping build the business from Series C through hyper-growth, to a successful public company. As director of product management for application data collection, I was accountable for a $300 million product. Creating a product that developers love requires constant focus, feedback, tenacity, and collaboration.

I partner with startups to get initial market traction, create a clear and compelling roadmap, focus precious engineering talent, and build a leadership team. I am passionate about helping startups to accelerate growth and find product-market fit. I love to leverage founders’ strengths and learn what special sauce can contribute to your success.

If you’re the leader of a startup, what things get in your way? Great entrepreneurs can apply their time and talent to almost any area of their growing company, but time is precious. Do you need more time to focus on the future? Do you have a great product, but need to determine what market segment to focus on first? Do you know that your engineering team could be delivering more quickly, but need help providing them clarity and focus?

At a given time, I can partner with you in several ways:

My goal is to build a long-term relationship where I am committed to the future success of the company.

Please reach out and let’s discuss ways that I can help your company to thrive.

You can reach me on LinkedIn or at <chris at chrisahansen dot com>.

How can I help?


Most companies have a vision and mission statement. For it to have an impact, it needs to be compelling and ingrained in your goals and communication.

Outcomes: A vision and mission that excites investors and customers and inspires and aligns your staff’s work.

Customer Development

Customer development is central and ongoing. You need to discover and validate urgent and common customer needs, creating a strong roadmap, positioning, and channels.

Outcomes: A robust habit for customer discovery and validation, iterating and pivoting toward product-market fit.

Customer Outcomes

By identifying and decomposing the outcome your customers care most about, and setting regular objectives and key results that improve those outcomes, you can motivate teams to do their best work and have a passionate focus on what will most help your customers.

Outcomes: We have a constant understanding of how our customers use our products and what they need. Motivated teams that are passionate about achieving business results.

Market Analysis

As your company and product pivots, so does your market. You need to understand whether you are creating a new market, re-segmenting, or building the best product for an existing segment. What is the total and serviceable market size? What is the competition? What channels will yield the best results?

Outcomes: A well-researched market analysis that gives you and investors confidence about your revenue potential, and a clear list of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Product Analytics

Adding instrumentation for product analytics is just the start. You need to determine what’s most important to your users, measure your product’s efficacy, and use data to drive great product decisions.

Outcomes: Confidence that you understand how your users engage with your product, and data so that you can constantly make it better.

User Feedback

Incorporating user feedback into your product and customer communications is crucial to make sure that you are delighting your users.

Outcomes: Constant user feedback that checks your biases and provides the aha moments for crucial pivots.


Building a strong roadmap provides motivation, confidence, and focus for the company and customers. You need a roadmap that focuses on the most important benefits, balances innovation and iteration, and provides the flexibility to respond to change.

Outcomes: A roadmap that gives customers and staff confidence, gives engineers focus and motivation, and is flexible to the dynamics of a startup.

Product Launch

A product launch is a unique opportunity to grab attention with customers, prospects, press, and analysts. Each launch is unique, but there are principles that maximize the impact and accelerate growth. Timing with an event such as a developer conference can create a flywheel effect for brand recognition and revenue acceleration.

Outcomes: Launches that generate enthusiasm and capture the imagination of prospects, well-timed with the market and its most important events.


Choosing the right pricing and price are critical. How does your customer derive value from your product? The choice of subscription, consumption, or other licensing is based on how customers think about the value.

Outcomes: The optimal pricing model and price points that reflect the value customers get from your product.


Hiring the right product leader or product manager is critical and challenging. They need a sense of urgency, vision, curiosity, diligence, and ability to not just jump into today’s challenges, but embrace tomorrow’s.

Outcomes: A head of product with vision and the chops to let the founders focus on business goals and growth. An outstanding team that challenges, complements, and supports one another.


The triad between a product manager, engineering manager, and designer are crucial so that accountabilities are clear and they can help one another.

Outcomes: Outstanding partnerships between roles so that teams can focus on goals and not friction.

Developer-Led Product

There are unique challenges and opportunities when you have a product used by a technical audience. You need to have the right product, messaging, and organization to foster an enthusiastic developer community.

Outcomes: A product strategy that emphasizes developer ergonomics, open core, onboarding, self-service, and an enthusiastic community.